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Daily Investment Journal

Daily Investment Journal

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So where to begin? Why a guide?

You see, most people don’t have an investment process. A real process from start to finish. So why not begin now?

In your investment journal, you will find a beginning, middle and end.

First we will begin with a daily/weekly routine to track your idea generation process. Then next is your checklist to revisit your investment fundamentals. Last is your annual review and community discussion.

A short and simple guideline to improve your investment returns overtime.

Table of Contents:

  • Building your routine
    • Daily pager
    • Weekly review
    • Monthly targets
  • Checking your list
    • Checklist
    • Watch list
    • Lessons learned
  • Creating a feedback loop
    • Annual goals
    • Quarterly review
    • Community network

In less than 30 days, you will have more clarity with your investment goals.

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